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Henry: 20 Month Snapshot

I like to capture little moments in time and talk about what life is like with Henry at any given time. 20 months has been a very fun age, probably the most fun yet. Henry is so talkative! Here’s some of what he’s saying: “Mucky Mow” = Mickey Mouse “Muk” […]

Austin, Slice of Life

A New Home, and a Move Date

Holy moly gumdrops, y’all. I’m going to be a Texan on June 10th, and I actually have a home to live in. Turns out, despite my best efforts to be more frugal (more on that in other post), I didn’t go for the cheapest possible option. Nope, for some reason […]

Slice of Life

To My Son, On Mother’s Day

Dear Henry, As much as I enjoy being able to share in this day and beingĀ appreciated for my mom-status, I feel like every day is a celebration. Being your mama has been such an indescribable joy. It’s hard to imagine what my life was like before you entered it, because […]

Austin, Slice of Life

The Great Rental House Search of 2017

Here we are again, a mere 10 months after doing this last year…I’m house hunting. This time, I get to find a rental house sight unseen! So that’s a real barrel of chimpanzees. One interesting thing about Austin real estate is that licensed Realtors basically handle all single family residential […]

Austin, Slice of Life

We’re Moving to Austin, TX!

Well, after a ton of hard thinking and deliberation on where the next stop will be, we’ve landed on…. Austin, Texas! That’s right, I’m going to have to dust off my cowgirl hat and boots (yes, I have them) and start saying “y’all” because this Midwesterner-turned-Californian is going to be […]

Books, Reviews

Book Review: You’re Doing A Great Job

I haven’t talked about it on this blog yet (because I’m only a few posts deep), but I’m utterly in love with One Bad Mother. It’s one of the few podcasts that I get super excited about every week and rush to listen to as soon as it’s released. For […]

Single Parenting

Confessions of a Former “Judgy Mom”

Time to lay down some realness on y’all — I’ve struggled a bit with Judgy Mom Syndrome. For someone who usually lives by a “you do you, boo” sort of mentality, parenting sure has thrusted me into this awful new world where since I feel judged left and right, I […]