The Great Rental House Search of 2017

Here we are again, a mere 10 months after doing this last year…I’m house hunting. This time, I get to find a rental house sight unseen! So that’s a real barrel of chimpanzees.

One interesting thing about Austin real estate is that licensed Realtors basically handle all single family residential leasing. At no cost to me, I have a real estate agent hunting for homes, touring and videoing them for me, and she will assist with the application process as well. On one hand, it’s great because there’s someone to assist at the destination who can actually tour the homes. The flip side is that it’s not very self-serve…I have to go through the Realtor for just about everything. I can’t contact the landlords myself and beg them to allow dogs.

I had originally thought that I’d be saving $600+ on rent by moving to the Austin area, but it turns out that the market is pricier than that. I do have pretty specific minimum requirements though.

  • Minimum of 3 bedrooms (one for me, one for Henry, and one as a guest room/office for me since I work from home)
  • Within 15 minutes of Henry’s preschool in Leander (which pretty much limits us to Cedar Park, Leander, Avery Ranch, Anderson Mill, Milwood, west Round Rock)
  • Large back yard, preferably shaded with mature trees
  • Good school district. Even though Henry has a few years until elementary school, I don’t want to set myself up to have to move.
  • Allows large dogs, because I intend to adopt one shortly after moving and getting settled.
  • Community pool and playground for the neighborhood

Other nice-to-haves:

  • 2 car garage, for storage
  • Open kitchen/floorplan
  • Covered patio in the back
  • Second living space (den) for a playroom (or a 4th bedroom downstairs)


I have three homes right now that are my top contenders, and hopefully my Realtor will be able to get into them this week to tour and let me know how the look. I’m starting to get stressed out though, because┬ámy plan is to move next month!

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