To My Son, On Mother’s Day

Dear Henry,

As much as I enjoy being able to share in this day and being appreciated for my mom-status, I feel like every day is a celebration. Being your mama has been such an indescribable joy. It’s hard to imagine what my life was like before you entered it, because it feels like you’ve been here all along. Thinking of a time “before Henry” just feels empty, like a critical piece is missing.

You fill my cup with warmth, laughter, and more love than I’ve ever known.

You’ve filled my life with purpose, with a journey.

You’ve overflowed my soul with a motivation to be the best person I can be, not just for you, but for myself.

You’ve given me a new outlook on life, an appreciation for finding joy in the small things.

You’re the breath in my lungs, and when I inhale it’s in anticipation of the peaceful exhale that is my life with you.

I’m so grateful, so truly lucky, and so honored to be your mama. I love you beyond words, and I will always support you and be behind you in all things.




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