A New Home, and a Move Date

Holy moly gumdrops, y’all. I’m going to be a Texan on June 10th, and I actually have a home to live in.

Turns out, despite my best efforts to be more frugal (more on that in other post), I didn’t go for the cheapest possible option. Nope, for some reason I feel that me and my 20 month old son need a 2200+ square foot home.

To be fair, it checks just about every box. It became glaringly clear to me that I had a preferred North Austin neighborhood (Avery Ranch) and everything nearby and cheaper just didn’t feel ‘right’. Avery Ranch is a planned subdivision, so it’s going to have all the downfalls of that: strict HOA, nothing within walking distance, all the homes looking similar….but it feels like the right move for us. A big part about this move is that I’m really hoping to meet friends who are parents, and I’m hoping that living in a neighborhood with a lot of active families will be really helpful.

It has plenty of space for me to have an office without having to share it with the spare bedroom. The laundry is upstairs (which was a serious requirement if I got a two-story home). The yard is big and there’s a spacious deck as well. There’s plenty of space for a playroom for Henry. It’s a 12 minute drive from his preschool, and a block walk from what is likely to be his future elementary school. It’s big dog friendly. It’s clean and well-kept. The neighborhood is very safe, and there’s a trail entrance to Brushy Creek. It’s exactly what I was hoping for!

Our move date is in a few weeks, and I haven’t begun to pack. We’ll be staying in an Airbnb for a few days until our stuff arrives on the truck, which is slightly stressful but what move isn’t? I’m definitely going to be a pro at moving as a single mom of a toddler by the end of this! I’m really looking forward to exploring our new home and starting fresh in a new city! Now to start packing…..

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