Henry: 20 Month Snapshot

I like to capture little moments in time and talk about what life is like with Henry at any given time. 20 months has been a very fun age, probably the most fun yet.

Henry is so talkative! Here’s some of what he’s saying:

  • “Mucky Mow” = Mickey Mouse
  • “Muk” = Milk
  • “Bep bep” = Beep Beep (which he’s saying all the time)
  • “Bike” (when he points to his trike or sees/hears a motorcycle)
  • “Bushh” = Bus
  • “Bash” = bath
  • “Mote” = remote

He loves to boop me or his dad on the nose during bedtime. He’s obsessed with trucks, cars, buses. His favorite books are the Karen Katz “baby” books, the 100 First Words Board Book, Goodnight Moon, and 5 Little Monkeys. He’s still overjoyed when he sees dogs and cats and likes to kiss them. He’s just now starting to hold my hand better when we go out places, but he also loves riding in the stroller and begs to go on walks. He loves airplanes and has to stop and point at each one. He calls the baby bunny who visits our yard “cute”. He loves pepperonis (roni’s), cheese, meatballs, carrots, peas, and anything in marinara sauce. Elmo is his current favorite character.

He’s so very talkative. Some of his words are real, but most are jibberish. He’s 27 lbs of pure happiness who loves to give hugs. Bathtimes are super fun for him, though he loves to throw toys outside the tub. He loves brushing his “teesh”. He’s also enamored with water fountains and most bodies of water, and he likes trains and riding on them.

In a few short weeks, he’ll start full time preschool. I’m nervous but excited for him, and I think he’ll really love it. I hope. 😉

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