Holy shitballs I’m the worst blogger

Hey, um, it’s been over 3 months since I last updated here. In fact, as I sat looking at this empty WordPress editor I found myself wondering: why bother? Do I even care to keep this little place on the web updated? I had all these grand ambitions of being some “new kind of mommy blogger” but then it turned out this was just a personal diary that no one really read. And you know what? I think I came to the decision that it’s serving a purpose for me, at least for now.

If nothing else, this will serve as a decent memoir for my own self to read back on and remember the time when I was in the toddlerhood trenches. Because I’m going to make it. Right? RIGHT?

Hey, I moved to Austin.

Surprise! That house that I secured back in May? Well, she’s mine. I mean mine in the sense that I’m renting her. First off, the move went okay. I mean the actual logistics of the move sucked (my car shipping company never showed up, our stuff was delivered late, my house had all sorts of problems, etc. etc.) but we did make it in one piece. Henry handled the transition like a champ — looking back I feel so proud of him. He’s been going to full-time preschool and mostly doing really well (I could probably do a whole post on that sitch). It was a hard adjustment for me, but it’s pretty great not worrying about his lunches and snacks during the week.

I also just want to say that I’m totally *in love* with Austin. I’ve been here over two months now and it’s basically been a love affair. Yes, it’s hot as FUCK. Also there’s all sorts of biting insects and huge bugs. And the drivers are god awful, somehow worse than LA. And there’s a lot of guns and Jesus and Trump stickers. Traffic is awful. But I’ll be damned if I don’t feel completely enamored with this place.

There’s just something really special about this city. It has a soul and a vibe that I never felt in my decade of San Diego. I don’t even live in the city proper, but the Texas landscape is just so beautiful. My pie-in-the-sky idea of owning some acreage/horse property feels even more like something I really want to obtain. I’m not sure if it’s going to be here, but I could see myself living outside of Austin and really enjoying myself long-term.

I could do a whole post about the things I love about this place. But I will say that it’s just beautiful. And the city/counties do an incredible job of maintaining these phenomenal family-friendly spaces, parks, playgrounds, trails. I bought a bike and I’ve biked at least 150 miles since I moved here. I’m jogging along the creek multiple times a day (having access to it within walking distance has been the highlight of my new home). The dog-friendly places are just so ridiculously great — there’s several dog park/bar/restaurant combos. There’s entire 100+ acre parks with trails that are 100% off-leash. There’s dog swimming holes. There’s a peninsula on the Colorado River that’s just for dogs (Red Bud Isle). The food is delicious here. The people are really nice. I’m just, ugh, in love.

Adjustments all around

The hardest thing to adjust to was the fact that I no longer had my son’s father around for free childcare. He used to come over 3-4x a week, and even though the visits were short, it was nice to have that. He was also available for me when I wanted to go out one night a week. Being in a brand new city where I’m trying to explore and meet new friends is tricky when it costs me like $60 for each karaoke night. But I’m getting by. I’m trying to limit my outings. And Henry’s dad does come for one weekend each month, which is a bit of a help.

Other random updates

  • Henry is going to be 2 next month, so I should probably plan this whole birthday party thing, right?
  • Henry’s talking in basically full sentences. Saying SO much, nonstop. I need to update here more often so that I can remember the things he’s saying. (like “Uh oh….SHIT!” when he drops something, and “I don’t like it.” while he’s shoveling food into his mouth).
  • I’ve met a few mamas here, which is great. I’m terrible at actually going to playdates, but the couple of times I have it’s been really awesome. I need to put myself out there more, but damn it’s hard.
  • Henry has a new fever clinic specialist for his PFAPA and the doctor is great. It feels good to know his care is continued and that he has a doctor on board for doing his tonsillectomy when he’s 3.
  • I’m going on dates with a boy. OooooOOoooOOooh. We’ll see where that goes. 😉
  • My house I’m renting is too expensive. I overshot my budget because I didn’t realize how much utilities were going to cost. What this means is that I’ve set myself up for a move when my lease is up next summer. ARGH. I shoulda been more frugal about it.
  • My new job is going SO WELL. I love my team, the projects, the daily work. It’s pretty great.

Anyway, I’ll try to update more often. Maybe?

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