About Us

Hi there, I’m Tami, and I’ll be your host on Bathtub Waffles. This blog is a place for me to chronicle all the things in the world that I find interesting. Just a few sample topics you might find: navigating single parenthood, being a working mama from home, raising toddler boys, feminism, being outdoors, Montessori/Waldorf exploration and experimentation, opting outdoors as much as possible, learning to budget, instant pot meal planning (aka trying not to mess up every thing I make in the instant pot), fitness & health. etc.

Things to know about me: I’m an early 30’s, full-time internet professional. I relocated to Austin, TX in June 2017. I’m one of those liberal feminists your parents always warned you about. I’ve been sort of floating around, trying to figure my life out when my son came along and made things clear to me: motherhood is for me. I love all things children — watching them learn and grow, snuggling, taking my son on as many adventures as we can.

Some things I’m interested in: bad reality shows, hiking, riding horses, all things DOG, blogging, planners & journals, babywearing, HGTV, exploring new cities, eating tasty food, going to Disneyland (we’re annual passholders, woot!), video games/nerdy stuff, photography. You’ll probably see a lot of that here.

My son is Henry, born in September 2015. He’s an adventurous, independent, talkative little soul with a head full of blonde hair and a body full of energy. He’s what I live for. I am a peaceful, respectful, gentle parent with him. While I don’t subscribe 100% to any methodologies at this time, I’m a huge fan of RIE/Janet Lansbury/Magda Gerber, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf. So far, whatever I’m doing seems to be working — as Henry is a great sleeper, a voracious eater, a major talker, and a free spirit. 🙂

Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat!